Hi, and thanks for taking time to have a look round my site, the sites mostly dedicated to all aspects of CB "citizens bands"  Radio and Amateur Radio in general. Please have a look round all the pages & photos ive noted down to give you an incite into my life of radio communications & listening:


 A Few Pics of the "shack"


 currently using a number of radios, consisting of Yaesu & Icoms covering a wide range of frequencys.....




Callsign Lookup:  


The Microphones 

Currently using a variety of microphones, handheld, Deskmike & boom mikes





The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of communications





  My Antenna system 

   Currently using several antenns, wires & beams to cover the various bands i work with amateur frequencys and modes of communication.


  A few eQSL cards received from recent contacts 


   Give Me a Try on meeb!


  Many thanks again for the help and assistance given by the members of stockport housing and council officers in working with me and friends in continuing in this past time, for the advice and understanding shown, very much appreciated                                                    Have

 You Ever Tried Nailing a Fried egg to a Wall , Thats Life ! 


                         Site constantly under construction so please be patiant ! Happy DX and 73s for now.....


The Ed -  

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